The Blumes Wedding Email Templates


Do you find yourself getting behind on editing and other important tasks because you're always replying to emails?  OR are you known as someone who never replies to emails because you know it will take away from your work?

Either way, you need to incorporate EMAIL TEMPLATES into your workflow, so you can respond to your clients in a timely manner and still have time to do what you love. 

We have included it all in this bundle: 20+ CUSTOMIZABLE EMAIL TEMPLATES that will save you hours of work each week.  How do we know? Because it's what we use in our studio, and it saves us hours of work each week! Whether communicating with clients, parents or vendors; if it's for a wedding, it's in there and ready to use.

You didn't become a photographer so you could sit in front of a never-ending inbox all day. 

It's time to reclaim your workday with EMAIL TEMPLATES from The Blumes

because you have better things to do with your time

We are The Blumes!

Together we run a wedding and portrait photography studio, manage multiple businesses and brands, and try our best to raise our three wonderful kids. If we have learned one thing from our 12+ years experience in this industry, it's that automation and preparation will set you free to do the work you need and live the life you want.

Something as simple as these email templates can truly transform your workweek from ineffective to inspired; wasted to winning.


  • 12+ years experience writing and perfecting our emails
  • templates that you can edit, use and reuse
  • hours and hours of time saved


Wedding & Portrait Email Template Bundle

Our wedding templates PLUS everything we use for portraits, all bundled together in one glorious, time-saving package.  

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