How to Build a Photography Business That Will Thrive for Decades Mini eBook
by: The Blumes


What's your long game? Do you have a plan for your business? 

Are you just getting started in photography, and you have no idea how to grow? Or have you been doing this for a while, but things just aren't improving?

Either way, this eBook is for you! We've spent the last 12+ years setting expectations and creating systems that have enabled our business to thrive beyond our wildest dreams, and we're so excited to share with you what we've learned!

We want you to succeed doing what you love  - so grab this eBook now and dare to dream big!

you've got this!

We are The Blumes!

Together we run a wedding and portrait photography studio, manage multiple businesses and brands, and try our best to raise our three wonderful kids. If we have learned one thing from our 12+ years experience in this industry, it's that automation and preparation will set you free to do the work you need and live the life you want.

Something as simple as the ideas in this eBook can take your business from stressful and struggling to planned and thriving!


  • 12+ years experience creating a Bulldog 100 fastest-growing business
  • ​practical tips & techniques for building a thriving business
  •  plan ahead to create a business that will last for decades


Wedding & Portrait Email Template Bundle

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The groundbreaking Mini Sessions eCourse system, culminating from 10 years of experience and teaching across the country.

If you want to master the system behind fun-loving mini sessions that are more profitable than most wedding photography and help market you like wildfire, then this comprehensive eCourse (packed with the tools to get it done) is for you!

Document Bundle

Not ready to devote the hours and hours it takes to develop contracts, questionnaires, print releases, client FAQs and other documents? Let us do it for you...because we already have!

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