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Our lives changed when we created the system you're about to learn, a system we've taught to thousands of photographers just like you at workshops and major photography conferences across the country. We'll quickly show you the important common-sense steps so you can use it, too!

   Photography is the best job in the world if you
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What You Will Learn
In this jam-packed webinar with exciting bonus videos, you will learn SIMPLE steps to easily book clients who are happy to invest
hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your new backyard mini sessions! We'll teach you...
  • How to use minis as free advertising that increases your brand value 
  • How to make mini sessions an annual tradition that families race to pay for
  • Reliable kid-whispering secrets that give you control (and blow their parents' minds)
  •  The best lenses and accessories for the job
  •  And how to use a simple workflow to maximize your results again and again!  
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Your Hosts,
Phillip & Eileen Blume
Since creating the system that transformed their failing small-town studio into an official "Bulldog 100 Fastest-Growing Business," the Blumes now work with clients worldwide and appear on top platforms where they teach photographers, just like you, how to refresh struggling businesses for new, long-term success.

As active wedding and portrait photographers, the Blumes are consistently cited as top industry experts, who use their success to accomplish what matters most to them — humanitarian work, including adoption advocacy and documentary projects for children surviving extreme poverty.

Together the Blumes speak annually at the world's major photography events (WPPI, ImagingUSA, United, ShutterFest, and more), where they have been rated Top 10 Educators. They have appeared on CreativeLIVE and shared their inspiring vision for more meaningful photography in a popular TEDx Talk.

As owners of three photography studios that specialize in weddings, portraits and newborns, they are most passionate about their ComeUnity education groups, designed to help photographers find true work-life balance.

They live with their three young children in rural Georgia, where they enjoy travel, outdoor fun, and spontaneous dance parties!
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